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 Full Time Program    &    Student Work

        Main   Street  Atelier

     Main Street Atelier is a rigorous, academic Atelier Program with the aim of  Technical Mastery in Figure Painting and Drawing.  We are located in Tarrytown NY and have been open for two years.

     Students begin with Cast Drawings and after a Final Cast Project that reflects mastery in the ideas of  Turning Form, students progress to Cast Painting.  

With Cast Painting, students begin to compose their paintings as Works of Art, considering Composition, Thematic Ideas and experimenting with Color and Atmosphere. 

     Students begin drawing  right away, along side their Cast Work.  They begin by copying Bargue Plates then Drawing from Plaster Casts.   Around the time students move from Cast Drawing to Cast Painting, they begin Drawing from Life.    

     Main Street Atelier has accepted students with previous/partial Atelier Training and we begin where previous training left off.  Atelier Training is a 3-5 year commitment and we accept dedicated, focused and passionate students.  Most of our students work part time/full time jobs thus we offer 3 days, 4 days and 5 days per week options for study to accommodate working students.

     Main Street Atelier can accommodate 4 full time students. Instructor Camie Salaz is most interested in students who envision them selves as Narrative Painters. Small permanent studio space is provided for students to set up their projects/backgrounds, like objects and scenes for their Paintings.  When figure paintings grow into larger projects we extend model time.  We take all projects to completion and treat them as finished Works of Art.  Full time Students have access to the school 24/7.   

     For questions or to tour the school, please contact Camie Salaz @

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